Dec 16, 2012

The Weekend Consisted of…

A miniature run in I’On. photo (1)

Hanukkah with Sean’s family!photo 1 (1)photo 3 (1)photo 5

The pup included. Love this ball of fur! photo 2

But I think I love latkes more. I can’t believe this was my first time having them. SO WORTH the strike. photo 4 (1)

The usual Mi Xao lunch with Danielle on Saturday. Tom Yum Kung, extra 2 (2)

Mi Xao on Urbanspoon

Random drinks with Sarah and Moffett at The Shelter. In my gym clothes. I like teetering on the fine line between disgusting and overly confident.


Embracing my inner Mount Pleasant housewife, doing a little Christmas shopping at Target. Ha 1 (2)

Long run of the week with Danielle! She’s training for a half marathon in LA two weeks before mine. Wish her luck!photo

Celebrating with best friends at Mama Holloway’s annual eggnog drop 3 (5)

What did YOU do!?