Feb 11, 2011

Bottles ‘n Brushes

Last night I finally redeemed my Groupon for Bottles ‘n Brushes, a place where you can learn how to paint while you get a buzz. The concept is simple: bring your own wine, or purchase some there, and the teachers will show you how to do a painting of your choice. The monthly calendars are put up a couple weeks in advance, so you can choose what you’d like to paint.

Diana and I decided that this would be a great Pre-Valentine’s date for us single girls. I picked us up a bottle of that cheapo Whole Foods wine (that is actually good and gets the job done) and we set out to be artistas. This is the painting we chose: Kinda Valentine’s Day-ish, no? I absolutely love this painting – love the keys, heart, and colors. It’s so simple but says so much. Don’t ask me what it all means though.

When you get there, everything is already set up for you: an easel with a canvas, a pencil, ruler, cup of water, napkins, paint, and paint brushes in 3 sizes. The first step is to paint the background color. You don’t have to do the exact same colors as the original painting; you can go darker, lighter, or do an entirely different color.DSC_2309Once you have finished, they blow-dry the paint so you can start sketching the rest of the design. This was the longest and most difficult part. I tried to be a perfectionist, but my drawings always come out so bubbly and childish. Much like my personality…DSC_2315After sketching, you just paint right over the pencil marks. The teachers guide you through the whole process and are available to ask questions, refill water cups and paint. They are so sweet and friendly! Here is my finished piece at my work area. DSC_2319Here is Diana. She was sitting across from me the entire time so I didn’t see her finished project until the end.DSC_2321Here is my very messy area. I used an obnoxious amount of plates trying to get my colors right. Clearly I was going for Tiffany blue.DSC_2322Diana’s masterpiece!DSC_2324And here is my masterpiece and our empty bottle of wine.DSC_2327 Other people’s artwork is on display as well:DSC_2329DSC_2330

I highly recommend taking a painting class. Classes are 2-3 hours long but it goes by so fast and at the end you have something of your very own to hang in your living room.

Do you purchase Groupons or other daily specials? The 2-hour painting classes normally cost $35, but with my groupon, I only paid $15. That is a steal. In the past, I have also purchased a special for a Barnes & Noble gift certificate and another for Oil & Vinegar, a gourmet food store.

Do you paint? Or have you ever done a painting class like this? This was my first time painting anything and I’m so pleased!

What are your weekend plans? Today I am meeting my bestie T.J. for lunch at a new spot (TBD). Tomorrow is MUSC 80s prom, so get ready for some fantastic pictures. Sunday I am celebrating Nikki’s 28th birthday. The rest of the weekend shall be filled with exercise, more fun food, and hopefully hanging out with my little brother.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!