Feb 21, 2011

Photo Day #4 and 17 North Roadside Kitchen

Here we are at Photo Day #4: A picture of your night.

Here’s Matt. Matt enjoys playing tricks on me whenever possible. While I was getting ready, he found it funny to go through my laundry, hijack my laptop, and inappropriately update my facebook status. Please note the bras hanging from my headboard. mattandbras
Saturday night after the blue ball shenanigans, my foodie friend Santo and I tried out a new (to us) restaurant, 17 North. The restaurant way out in Mt. Pleasant, but definitely worth the drive. I live in the center of Mt. P. and it only took us about 15 minutes to get there.

I love eating with Santo bc not only does he truly appreciate food, he always wants to try a lot of it. We started out with two appetizers. Yes, two.

First, we had “Brett’s Meatballs.” Brett McKee is the chef/owner and boy, oh, boy, does he make his presence known. There are several menu items named after him. Here are Brett’s meatballs – three of them. Haha. These were pretty good, but as I sat across from Mr. Staropoli (Italian stallion), I noticed that he wasn’t as impressed. These were not his mother’s meatballs. meatballs
We also got the seared scallops with a lemony asparagus risotto. Ummm I can officially say these were the best tasting scallops I’ve ever had. They were also the size of my face. scallopsThe bib wedge salad was highly recommended by our waitress, so we went ahead and got that too. The wedge was served with a blue cheese-cucumber dressing, house smoked bacon, and grape tomatoes. Santo liked it, but this type of salad is not for me. I don’t like having to cut my lettuce and despise cold tomatoes. icebergFor an entrée, I chose the Lowcountry Cioppino: fresh fish, local shrimp and clams, in a saffron tomato broth. Loved this. A lot. My picture isn’t too pretty because a)it was taken with my Blackberry and b)I was two beers deep. In the privacy of my own home, I might have drank that broth. cioppino
Santo has been on a burger kick lately, so he ordered the angus beef burger with pimiento cheese and truffled pomme frites. Why they felt the need to call them pomme frites, I’m not sure. They’re freaking french fries. I made the mistake of convincing Santo to order his burger medium-rare. It came out mooing. burgerWe also ordered a side of the macaroni and cheese. This pot of gold had 8 different cheeses in it and you could definitely tell. mac Believe it or not, we still wanted dessert. There was little to no room left in my stomach, but at this point, I wanted my stomach to stretch. The butterscotch soufflé with vanilla ice cream was incredible. Yes, I said incredible. dessertRegardless of the mixed reviews you may hear or read online, 17 North is worth a visit. I read that a lot of people think it’s very loud inside, but that didn’t bother me at all. The only weird thing about this place is the shrine devoted to Brett McKee. I mean really, is this necessary?

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