Feb 8, 2011

Hula/Spin Success and Black History Month

I promise the above topics are related. Just read on.

Hula/Spin was a success! David gave me a wonderful introduction and I’m confident that everyone in the class thought it was a neat concept. We had one girl win a free personal training session because she was able to hoop the duration of a 3 1/2 minute song. I’m seriously contemplating buying a book on hula hooping so I can become a master hooper and start my own fitness classes. Just imagine that. Would you attend?

During the cool down song, David usually comes around for high-fives. He instead announced that in honor of Black History Month, he’d be walking around asking us individually who our favorite black person was. I almost fell off my bike laughing. I mean really, we were getting our burn on AND our learn on. Most people responded with celebrities like Denzel Washington, Sydney Poitier, Michael Jackson, and Usher. I chose an Eco celebrity:


Julius was my trainer last year and became one of my favorite people in the world. I highly recommend him if you need to learn how to pump iron. He is the reason why I am no longer afraid of the gym’s man zone and can babe-hunt like a pro.

Because I was in class, Ashley was left to gawk at the babes alone. I received this tweet from her: ashtweet

Past gym-related tweets that will make you chuckle:


(Feel free to add me on twitter: @christinaorso.) About that last tweet, Ash’s most recent gym crush appeared to be a babe until he jumped on the treadmill next to us. It was like big foot joined Eco Fitness and his main mission was to pound down on heavy machinery. I guess he can still be a babe, but if he wants to run on the treadmill, he should probably put on ballerina slippers. Smile

Question 1: Do hot gym babes motivate you to work out? I don’t have a gym crush but I do appreciate any male who likes to work on his pecs/lats/biceps. Not traps though. Those are freaky.

Question 2: How do you feel about men doing the stereotypically female fitness classes like yoga and pilates? My ex-bf pumped iron but loved pilates. I’m a huge promoter of doing whatever fitness routine that makes you happy, but that always made me wonder. Then again, I find exercise while drinking. Who am I to judge?

Vodka curls last summer:vodkacurls