Feb 9, 2011

New Ketchup?!? Is This Real!?

First, thank you to all of you who visited my Chick-fil-A story. I am now in the #1 spot! Yes, this is incredibly dorky of me, but I love it! In case you missed it, see the link here.

Not only do I love the Centre Pointe Chick-fil-A location, I adore the owners, Rick and Debbie Blind. They are such wonderful people and I am glad to help their store be in the #1 spot. Say hello to Rick and Debbie:cfa

I stopped in today to catch up with Rick for a bit. He showed me something really exciting…

Typical girls get excited about shoes, dresses, and diamonds. I get excited about ketchup and babe-watching at the gym.

Have you seen these new ketchup “tubs?” What is the proper name for them anyway?