Sep 4, 2011

Blog Failure? Check!

So, Saturday morning I woke up and impulsively decided that it was time to be self-hosted. Having done very little research on what self-hosting would entail, I signed up for 2 years of service with Bluehost. Um, what? Not my smartest decision. Without getting into too many details, the blogger –> self hosted with wordpress conversion did not go well. I may or may not have had several mini breakdowns and had it not been for good friends (ahem, Julie), I probably would have cried.

Conclusion 1: I need to do some research or pay someone to do the conversion.

Conclusion 2: I am not a geek. I am weird, but not a geek. Bummer.

I was so close to giving up but then remembered how much JOY blogging brings me, mostly because of all of YOU wonderful readers. Every single comment, email, or tweet makes me smile – so keep ‘em coming!

Enough about that! Let’s talk about happy stuff.

Like new restaurants! On Friday night, I went to Biggie’s Southern Gastropub with Matt and Carlton. Biggie’s was opened by the same people who opened Granville’s and is in the same spot. Their new restaurant features a small, Southern menu with creative cocktails, draft beer, and wine. The atmosphere is casual, and the patio out front is perfect for the coming fall weather. They also play great music!image

All three of us had the John’s Island Mule: Vodka, John’s Island Cantaloupe juice, Lime, and Sweatman’s Ginger Beer. Sooooooo good. Sorry for not taking a picture! We also started with the Lobster Crab Dip.DSC_0517 (960x640)

For dinner, I had Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Sandwich with blue cheese slaw and a side of homemade chips. The pork was really good, as were the chips, but I was a little disappointed that the pork was served on what appears to be Wonderbread. Bread is cheap – I think they could’ve stepped it up a notch. DSC_0519 (960x640)

Back to their positive qualities, the service was great. Both the manager and our waitress were attentive and helpful. Our waitress was more than happy to give us drink recommendations and was patient when I couldn’t decide right away.

The rest of the night was spent at various bars, including The Cocktail Club. On the menu, I immediately spotted this: image

Sounds like my dream drink, right? Not so much. It was a too spicy and um, juicy? It was weird. Please note the arm party AND the seersucker pants in the background. Seersucker pants at the bar! HOLY CHARLESTON BOY.DSC_0523 (960x768)

At our second stop, Closed for Business, it was time to switch to beer. I used to not be a fan of this place, but love that they have this on tap:


Obsessed. Am I over my obnoxious Coor’s light obsession? 45407_684090979244_21301311_39279073_4289300_n

Maybe, maybe not.

We can discuss the rest of the weekend tomorrow. I’m exhausted. NIGHT!