Sep 7, 2011

Charleston Product Review: Sweeteeth Chocolate

imageA couple weeks ago, Charlie Magazine featured a story on Sweeteeth Chocolate, a local company that produces high-quality chocolates and bon bons with unique flavor pairings. All of their products are made by hand and do not contain any preservatives.

Sweeteeth was started by John Eric Battles, an Alabama native who previously worked at EVO Pizzeria here in Charleston. While working at EVO, “Johnny” created these treats that quickly spread through Charleston and can now be found all around the country.

I knew I had to get my hands on this chocolate! I politely asked Sweeteeth for some samples in exchange for a blog review. Christina Vandiver, Johnny’s business partner, responded immediately and was very happy to oblige. I checked my mailbox every day in anticipation, and on Friday they had arrived! I dug right into the box and was delighted to find 5 different bars!DSC_0565 (1280x853)

Tuesday afternoon, Amanda and Ran came over to help me taste test!

Sea is for Caramel: 62% dark chocolate, smooth caramel, and sprinkled with sea saltDSC_0569 (1280x853)

Absolutely amazing. This bar has a rich, deep caramel flavor that was balanced with the sea salt. 5/5 stars!

Call of the Wild: 65% dark chocolate with Port Wine caramel

This bar was very similar to the previous bar without the salt. It had such a silky chocolate flavor. Ran said, “It’s good, but I think we were spoiled with the first one. The dark chocolate flavor is more prominent.”

Cinnapsis: milk chocolate with chewy cinnamon apple bits and crunchy, candied pecansDSC_0571 (1280x915)

Each bite of this bar was different, depending on how much apple or candied nut was in your bite. Ran and I are both fans of cinnamon with apple, so this bar was a treat. Amanda thought it needed a bit more candied nuts. Ran said: “The apples were a nice tough. This bar is very fall-ish.”

PB&C: peanut butter with smoky chipotle pepper

Sadly, this wasn’t our favorite flavor. The peanut butter tasted very natural but the smokiness threw us off. However, if you’re a fan of the sweet & spicy combination, this bar is for you!

A’Chocolypse: a Vegan (!) bar with ginger and popping sugar DSC_0575 (1280x853)

I love that Sweeteeth makes a Vegan bar! This bar was a lot of fun – definitely a new concept for all three of us. Ran’s sassy comment for this one: “It’s like a sushi bar!” Ha. He was a fan of the ginger bits. The addition of the popping sugar gave it so much texture – a huge plus.

We seriously could not get enough of the Sea is for Caramel bar. I would not be surprised if it’s their #1 selling bar. I know I’m going to tell everyone to buy it! Pretty sure Amanda will be raving about it too…DSC_0570 (853x1280)

After sampling these bars, I’m eager to try their bon-bons, which come in the following flavors:

  • Peanut butter & jelly
  • Local bay leaf & cardamom
  • JalapeƱo & pineapple white chocolate
  • Strawberry & red wine dark chocolate
  • Salted caramel hearts
  • Parmesan & sweet basil white chocolate
  • Truffle’d truffles with white truffle butter
  • Chipotle & lime

My heart fluttered when I saw the strawberry & red wine dark chocolate. Seriously!

For more information on purchasing Sweeteeth chocolate, check out their site here or their facebook page.

What’s YOUR favorite chocolate candy? Tell me!