Sep 30, 2011

Factual Friday

Yes, yes, yes!! I’m so happy it’s Friday. Ecstatic. Try to say that word 5 times fast.

Did you do it?

1. Look at Charleston’s upcoming weather. Absolutely perfect.image

2. Niki and I met Elvis a couple weeks ago. The real deal was bartending at Triangle for a charity event. Smokin’ outfit.IMAG0621

3. Last weekend I found this gem in a used bookstore. I almost peed my pants. But really, what if…IMAG0640

4. I have a doodling problem when I’m on the phone. This is borderline crazy, no? And if you’re about to ask me if I am in love, the answer is no. IMAG0629

5. When Mariah and I were baking pumpkin pancakes on Monday, I accidentally spilled wine in the four mixture. Seriously, how does one do that?IMAG0646

6. I want so many books. I wish I could rent a room in the library and just live there. Have any books you don’t want? You can send them to me. The next book I want to buy:image

7. I helped my guy friend with clothes shopping tonight. It was dramatic to say the least. While he tried on clothes for seriousness, I tried on ridiculous pants:

These were at the Gap. Snakeskin and camo jeans? What is going on here! Horrendous! I’m still not sure how I got these on and off my body.

8. I don’t think I have ever had my nails painted the same color for more than 4 consecutive days. They either start chipping or I get bored with the color. I really want Angora Cardi by Essie:

Happy Friday!!