Sep 15, 2011

Food Nostalgia

So this morning, I randomly woke up at 6:47 a.m. It is very unlike me to wake up before my alarm clock, so instead of groaning about it, I took advantage of the situation. It was pointless to stay in bed, and because I skipped my workout Tuesday night to hang out with Lucy, I figured a morning run was a good idea. I ran a 5k around a neighborhood nearby and then walked close to 1 mile home. Just about 4 miles later, I ran back to my bed, turned the fan on high and watched the morning news while I cooled down. I actually really liked starting the morning like that!

Once home, I began destroying eating plain Greek yogurt topped with blueberries and fiber cereal. Just because I deviated from my normal morning routine, did not mean I was switching up breakfast! Later, at work, Dane had powdered donuts. Something in my head (heart?) told me that it was totally fine to eat one, as I had resisted them since um, early high school? It was total nostalgia once the powdery goodness hit my lips.

So that afternoon, I was reading Laura’s blog and saw her post about DUNKAROOS. I freaked out and she responded telling me they were at Super Wal-Mart. Well you know my crazy behind went to Wal-Mart immediately after work. And there they were. On the bottom shelf. WHO PUTS DUNKAROOS ON THE BOTTOM SHELF?!IMAG0604

Laura also informed me that Super Wal-Mart has Rice Krispies Treats Cereal. So, yep, I bought that too:IMAG0612

Rest assured that after making these purchases, I drove straight to Boone Hill Farms and picked up some fresh, local veggies: tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and peaches. Balance is key!

Tonight I’ve been thinking, about childhood foods. Here are a few of my old favorites:

My Grammy always bought me these. Is this even real meat? Eeeeeeek.

I used to eat all the crackers first and then the cheese! EW disgusting kid alert. OR I would make sandwiches.


Candy bling!

These make me want to squirm now:image

No wonder I had cavities.

And how did I eat all this crap? Young metabolism and lots of THIS!!!

Now tell me your favorite childhood foods or trends!

For the record, I did not eat cereal and dunkaroos for dinner. I had chicken sausage and zucchini and squash with hummus. :)