Sep 11, 2011

Wedding Weekend Recap

Oooooooooh I bet that title freaked you outttt. Nope, I didn’t get married. No way. Never.

But Matt’s friend did. On Friday morning, Matt and I jumped in the car and headed to Virginia for one of his fraternity brother’s weddings. Guess what we had for breakfast. And lunch.IMAG0575

On I-95, as you’re crossing the SC/NC border, you are greeted by one of the most magnificently trashy tourist stops EVER. Meet Pedro, the South of the Border hombre.


Matt had never stopped at the South of the Border, so it was necessary for us to get out. There are restaurants, mini-golf, creepy gift stores, and a whole bunch of statues you can pose with.

Exhibit A:IMAG0567-1

Exhibit B:IMAG0565

8ish hours later, we arrived in Kilmarnock, VA and went to the rehearsal dinner and a party.

Saturday: We decided to check out the little town’s antique stores and have breakfast at the Kilmarnock Inn.

I had the Virginia Ham & Eggs with fruit and a side of fresh, homemade bread. These were some of the best eggs I’ve ever had…in Kilmarnock, VA, no lie. The bread was really good too. IMAG0581

I was really impressed with this inn, other than the fact that they don’t know how to spell restaurant. Pretty bad, no?IMAG0583

Kilmarnock Inn on Urbanspoon

Around lunch time, the bridal party and their guests went to a barbecue at the groom’s parents river house. Look at their gorgeous view!


That evening, it was time for the wedding! It was a small wedding (about 100 guests) which made for an intimate, but very fun evening. It was fun meeting lots of people and getting dressed up!

The girls:DSC_0554


Sunday: Back to home sweet home! DSC_0590

Hope everyone had a great weekend!