Sep 29, 2011

What A Maniac.

I was crazy sore from strength training on Monday, so the thought of lifting anything other than food to my mouth sounded miserable. Plan B: an outdoor run! Sadly, both of my running partners (Amanda and Mariah) had plans, so I was left to pavement push alone! Amanda was nice enough to let me borrow her Garmin for my run. I’m seriously coveting one now because my iMapMyRun app has been dreadfully inaccurate lately.

I set out to run at Memorial Waterfront Park, where I did the Leprechaun 5k in March 2010. Here is a wonky little picture I found on the race’s site. God, it’s awful looking. leprechaun

My most recent 5k PR was from the Pajama 5k last November. I finished in 25:29. I was pretty pumped about that at the time, but was determined to run faster. I have been running consistently, but haven’t done any races since then. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen today, but I knew I had 2 cups of coffee in my system so things could get silly.

Silly fast that is. As of today, my new 5k PR is 23:51, or an average of 7:40 min/mile. Yeaaaaaaaaah! The Garmin helped SO much. I was hoping for negative splits, but the exact opposite happened.

Mile 1: 7:30

Mile 2: 7:43

Mile 3: 7:49

.11 miles: 49 seconds.

It also told me I took 4,010 steps with an average cadence of 85 SPM. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds cool. Someone explain that to me, bc I’m too lazy to google right now.

After my run, I drove to Whole Foods. BAD IDEA!!!!!!!! I was still in running mode, racing through the aisles throwing food in my cart like a psycho who hadn’t eaten in days. On a positive note, I did see this babe cashier (who is also a baby at 25 y/o) and he smiled and waved at me. I almost fell on the floor I was so excited. Swooning for grocery store employees is soooooo my style.

Where were we? Oh, so while shopping, I threw in the most random collection of food I’ve ever seen. I started off really well with the following:

Then crazy hungry girl came out and I threw the following in my cart:

Then I got suuuuuper thirsty for the following:image


Don’t worry, I didn’t refuel with the beer. I had a salad, cottage cheese, an apple, popchips, and a fiber bar. I am about to go back in the kitchen and dig into the Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter…mmmm.

What’s your favorite food to refuel with?

Would you rather race competitively (with yourself or others) or at a leisurely pace?