Dec 30, 2011

Questions I Need Answered by YOU!

Warning: This will be random.

1. Where can I good, inexpensive yoga pants? I currently wear ones from Victoria’s Secret  and Target. I like them, but I want more! image

I know you all want to say Lululemon, but I’d rather spend my moolah on…

2. What’s the best mascara? I don’t need a lengthening one – my lashes already touch my eyebrows and it tickles! I want one that volumizes them so they look like fans for my face! haha. Could be helpful at the gym when I get really hot, right? Here’s what I currently use:


3. What’s your favorite cell phone app? I can’t get enough of Words with Friends.

Please don’t say Angry Birds – I refuse to download that!

4. Does anyone celebrate half birthdays? I just realized mine is today. I didn’t need another reason to celebrate, but now I have one. YAY. 27 1/2, here we go.

5. Are you going to say 2012 as “Two thousand twelve” or “Twenty twelve"? Major life decision right there.image