Apr 20, 2012

The Friday Five: Fifty Shades, Bieber, i5K!

1. What I’m Reading: As I said last week, I’ve started Fifty Shades Darker. The second book is much more eventful.  I didn’t think it could be more dramatic.

Who’s started book #2? I’d love to hear what you think.

2. What I’m Listening to: Much later than most hormonal teenagers, I caught the Bieber fever. This song is catchy! Rachel described it perfectly: that Summer song that you want to listen to in the car with your windows rolled down.

3. What I’m Pinning:

4. Where I’m Running: Thursday evening, Steve and I ran the i5K downtown. Night runs are my favorite because it’s much cooler outside. Though it rained the entire race, I was happy with my time. My timer said 25:27 and the official race time said 25:35.  The speed demon to my right finished in 22:44!

Before the race:IMAG2199

I think the Twitpic sticker somebody slapped on me made me speedy.IMAG2200

Oh, and then there was a squirrel at the after party.IMAG2202

I also met two blog readers! Hi to Sarah and Moffett – thanks for introducing yourselves! Smile

5. What I’m Eating: After the race, we went to La Pizzeria. Who doesn’t crave pizza and beer after a run? That crazy boy doesn’t eat crust! I, on the other hand, eat crust first and always request extra red sauce to dip it in. When the server asked if I wanted my leftovers in a box, Steve jokingly told him I loved crust and I might want to save his leftover crust too. The server took him seriously…IMAG2203