Apr 4, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. Pure Barre –  I’ve done 3 classes in a row and I’m going again tonight. It hurts to sit, walk up the stairs, and lift my arms. So awesome! Lots of ladies signed up for the 20 class challenge.  They’re all champions for joining!IMAG2097

I also love the fact that we’re getting gold stars by our name. Great motivation!

2. Speaking of challenges, remember the Saving Money Challenge two of my coworkers and I had for March? For spending the least amount of money dining out, I won! Woop! My savings went to Pure Barre. Double win.

3. Holidays. This weekend, I’ll be celebrating Easter with my family and going to Seder with intern Sean’s family. I’ve always been curious about Jewish holidays, so Sean’s family invited me to see what it’s like. I’ve already studied this book.

I’m just as excited to don my bunny ears with the family! Best of both worlds.

4. This bumper sticker. You Only Live Once.IMAG2090

5. Pastels for Spring. Here in the South, it’s perfectly acceptable to dress like an Easter egg. Some call this color blocking. Others may call this offensive. IMAG2096

Cosmo Pink Polo, Coast Apparel

Lush Green Cords, Loft

Turquoise Tote, Longchamp

6. To fire up the pastel party, I painted my nails in a new Essie color, Barefoot in Blue:

But toned it down with some neutral flats:


How will you be spending this holiday weekend?

Are you on board the pastel train or the neutral train? I ride both.