Jun 10, 2011

Blogger Love.

I love when fellow bloggers send me pictures/messages/emails. Here are some recent ones that have made me happy.

Caroline sent me a picture of PICKLE toothpaste that she saw while in Austin, TX.

“They had bacon and ranch too.” EW! photo(2)

I also got a hilarious email from Laura:

“Last night as I was driving back to Raleigh I was hit by an extreme craving for Chick-Fil-A.  I haven't had any kind of fast food since before I became a vegetarian over 8 months ago.  Suddenly it hit me - I had to have waffle fries rightthatveryminute.  So what kind of dinner does a vegetarian in the middle of a waffle fry craving put together while driving?  Waffles Fries and a small Cookies and Cream Milkshake, of course!  I stopped and took a picture just for you because I figured you'd be very proud - it's attached. :)  2011-06-04_17.28.03

About an hour later, by stomach was seriously hating me, but hey, it was worth it.”

And for my Charleston friends, blog reader Brandi informed me that the Square Onion has opened a froyo shop at their Coleman Blvd. location (Square Onion Too). See the facebook page for Lil Yo Yogurt.240533_206734309368775_206734236035449_550501_2759862_o

Kerr sent me a picture of the frickle spears she had at Rita’s last weekend. Don’t they look delicious?

Blog reader Kevin also sent me some frickle news. We must add Red’s to our fricle tasting adventures:

Blog reader Laura sent me a Real Simple recipe for zucchini pickles! See the recipe here. I must make these!!

My auntie Kelly (who is also a pervert) sent me this interesting link: 10 Naughtiest Vegetables on Earth. Proceed with caution!!!