Jun 13, 2011

My Makeup Routine

Although my blog is primarily about healthy living, it is not always going to be about food and fitness. Part of healthy living is feeling beautiful inside and out. Since I have been asked by several times readers to post make up routine, I thought I’d finally do a post on beauty.

My makeup routine is very simple and takes under 10 minutes from start to finish. I don’t wear makeup every day either; I love giving my face “days off” even though I really don’t wear much anyway.

In the shower, I wash my face with Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub. It’s very light and smells refreshing. There’s nothing fruity or frilly about it and I like that a lot.

After the shower, I remove excess makeup with these wipes by Pond’s. They’re also refreshing after a day at the beach.

To moisturize and protect from the sun, I use Olay Complete facial moisturizer for normal skin. I tend to have dry skin and this does a good job of keeping my face feel dewy.

As you can see, I’m not brand loyal with my skincare products. I am, however, very brand loyal with make up. MAC MAC MAC. I love their products SO much. Their products would stay on for days if I didn’t wash my face. I know that sounds gross, but if I don’t wash my face after going out one night, I will wake up in the morning looking like I did the day before! Well, I might need a touch up or two…ha.

I put on my make up in the same order, every time I apply. First, I start with MAC’s eye shadow primer in “Bare Study” (soft beige with gold pearl).

This gives a shimmery look and really sets your eyeshadow in place. I was skeptical before purchasing this product, but let me tell you, your eye shadow isn’t going ANYWHERE with this applied first.

Next, all over my lid, I apply MAC’s lustre eye shadow in “Retrospeck” (beached blonde).

On the outer corner of my lid, I apply MAC’s veluxe pearl eye shadow in “Woodwinked” (warm antique gold).

In the crease, I apply MAC’s lustre eye shadow in “Tempting” (sinfully rich coco).

I then blend the shadow in my crease with the rest of my eye. All three colors go really well together and provide a very subtle, yet shimmery look.

The rest of my face is so easy – powder and blush and I’m done! I don’t need/mess with foundation. That stuff just scares me. The powder I use is MAC’s sheer select powder in NW25, and NW30 in the Summer. MAC’s powder goes on very light, but builds really well for when you need more coverage.

To brighten my cheeks, I use MAC’s powder blush in “Fleur Power” (soft bright pinkish-coral). I love this color so much and have been using it for years.

Mascara my second-to-last step. I have also been using MAC’s Plush Lash for years. I have tried all of their other mascaras, but always go back to Plush Lash. The name says it all – it plumps, curls, and volumizes. It also builds really well and I probably put on 1095815 coats. The best part? It does not flake or smudge!

Lipstick just isn’t for me. I think it looks funny on me and always want to wipe it off. I do love gloss though! I tend to mix it up with different glosses from Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, but I have found a new favorite. I’m currently loving Buxom’s pout plumper in “Dolly” (a sultry mauve luster).

This is my every day routine, and for special occasions, I’ll step it up a notch with different colored eye shadows, or eyeliner. I really like MAC’s fluidline gel liner in “Blacktrack.”

Pretty simple, right? This is pretty much what it looks like all done. Click to zoom!christina

And here’s an awesome shot of what the eye products look like. We were celebrating when I won Charleston’s Best Local Interest blog! Too much tequila!image

Oh, and I could do a whole new post on nail polish. I’m a sucker for fun, seasonal colors. China Glaze, Essie, and O.P.I. are the only nail polishes I use. This is the color that’s currently on my nails. Slightly obnoxious, very fun!

Are you brand loyal with skincare/make up products?

Which skincare/make up products do you love? Anything you’ve tried and hated?

Any post requests? I’d love to hear some ideas! Smile