Aug 28, 2011

Last Weekend of August

What the! Where did August go?

Friday: Oh, hurricane Irene. She was a myth, I think. Regardless, Matt, Mariah and I decided to have a hurricane party. Hurricane party = me cooking while the 3 of us got our drink on.

It was a bit breezy out (ha), so soup sounded perfect. I used Jenna’s recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup. Don’t let this photo of the ingredients fool you – the wine was for drinking, not the soup.DSCN0048 (960x720)

While the soup was cooking, I played with these fabulous slippers that Mariah found under her bed right before she came over. SWIFFER SLIPPERS!! How amazing are these. (Click to zoom.) I swept my floor AND cooked. Multi-tasking like a pro.DSCN0053 (768x960)

We also played with this giant sugar cane that Matt and I bought at WF. We didn’t really know why we bought this, other than to use as a weapon of sorts. We also gnawed on it. It wasn’t sweet, but it was taller than me. #shortyDSCN0054 (768x960)

After I pretty much smoked the house out because I wasn’t paying attention to the pepper I was roasting, the soup was done! We topped it with lime juice, plain Greek yogurt, and cheese. Delicious!DSCN0058 (960x720)

Saturday, the calm after the “storm”: Thanks for leaving with us a beautiful Saturday, Irene. It was absolutely gorgeous out. Amanda, Kira, and I laid out at Amanda’s friend’s pool that just happened to be on the water. Ahhh.DSCN0066 (960x720)DSCN0068 (960x720)We walked down the dock and laid out down by the water for a while too.DSCN0067 (960x720)

It was windy, but that didn’t stop us from making more friendship bracelets! Here’s my newest bracelet, in anticipation for Clemson football starting next weekend. Anyone want me to make them a bracelet? Let me know and I’ll send you one!IMAG0522

That evening, I met up with my friend Puja for dinner at the new Basil in Mt. Pleasant. We shared the Pad Thai and the Green Curry. I almost always order Pad Thai, but I really enjoyed her Green Curry. I might order that next time.

Sunday: Matt and I went to church and I was delighted to hear the preacher mention Chick-fil-A. He was joking about his inexpensive shirt being “worth only enough to feed a family at Chick-fil-A…with coupons.” I secretly wanted to jump out of my seat and high-five him for the restaurant name drop. Alas, I stayed put. I was in church after all.

That afternoon, Mariah and I ran some errands at my two most favorite places: Trader Joe’s and Target. As I had just gone to TJ’s on Friday, I was mostly along for the ride. I did pick up a bar of oatmeal exfoliant soap per Joanna’s recommendation. This ginger almond scented bar smells so good! IMAG0525

At target, I picked up laundry detergent (blah), dishwasher detergent (blah) and chocolate (YEAH!):

Have yall had these? Oooooh, they are good. I’m currently watching the VMAs and had to throw the bag under my bed so I wouldn’t eat them all at once!

Speaking of the VMAs, I almost peed my gym shorts (bummin’ it) at these tweets by Betty White. Goodness gracious, I love her.imageimageimage

Whose win were you most excited about? I loved the Britney tribute and was so happy for her!

What was the highlight of your weekend? Lots of friend time and oatmeal soap for me!

PS: I’m working from home on Mondays from now on, so if anyone wants to do lunch dates, let me know!! Smile