Aug 5, 2011

Laura Albert’s Lunch with Sarah!

For lunch on Friday, I met up with Sarah. We had been trying to plan something for week, so I was excited to finally hang with this awesome girl! She’s super friendly, easy to talk to, and loves food and wine. That’s a good friend!

She was sweet enough to pick me up from work, and we drove right over to Laura Albert’s on Daniel Island. I had been to Laura Albert’s a couple times before, but this was her first time. LA’s is a restaurant, catering company, and shop, all in one! They serve lunch Monday through Saturday, and on Wednesday evenings they do beer/wine tastings with dinner.

There are so many options on their menu, from salads, to sandwiches to special entrees. As usual, I changed my mind several times! One entrée that caught my eye on previous visits was the Mediterranean Marinated Chicken & Couscous Drizzled with Siracha Sauce and Basil Pesto with Seasonal Vegetables.IMG_7205_thumb

Sarah got the Spinach Salad with Parmesan Cheese, Chopped Egg, Onion, Tomato, Crispy Bacon with a Warm Bacon Dressing.IMG_7203_thumb

It was great to catch up and I look forward to hanging out again! I think she’s going to join our book club! Of course we had to take a picture outside.IMG_7206_thumb

Laura Alberts Tasteful Options on Urbanspoon

She sent me home with goodies, too! Here are some homemade cookies and homemade beer. Yep, her husband brews his own! Sarah said this beer was similar to Blue Moon so I know I’ll enjoy it. Thanks, Scott!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! Although this weekend looks gloomy, I don’t mind one bit. Why? Because I just finished Twilight and Amanda is coming over with the second book and the first movie!! We’re going to cook a TJ’s inspired meal, drink wine, and watch vampires! Ahhhhhh.

Have a great weekend!!