Aug 23, 2011

NYC Weekend Recap

Friday: Kaye met me at LGA and we took a taxi into the city, straight to Washington Square Park to hang out in the sun for a bit. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we wanted to sit so she could eat the Chick-fil-A sandwich that I brought her. Yup, I brought Chick-fil-A and chocolate chip cookies almost 700 miles just for her!DSCN0004

I was kind of jealous of her sandwich so she suggested we try to get into the NYU location. We walked over, only to find out that it was still closed for Summer break. I was 9 days too early! Maybe next time?DSCN0010DSCN0009

Later we met up with my friend Conor for drinks at Blind Tiger and dinner at Fedora in the West Village.


Conor and I rented bikes and rode all over the island. One of our stops along the way at Milk & Cookies, an adorable bakery in the West Village. bikesDSCN0024They have cookies, ice cream sandwiches, brownies, and bars. DSCN0025

I got a s’mores cookie with mint ice cream. Although I didn’t love the combo, they were still good individually.DSCN0027

Conor got a massive ice cream sandwich with chocolate mint cookies and dark chocolate ice cream. Insane.DSCN0026

I also couldn’t resist buying their cookbook that features 84 of their recipes! I want to try all 84, I really do.Milk and Cookies on Urbanspoon

We picked our bikes back up and rode from Christopher Street all the way down the island. I saw the Statue of Liberty from really far away!DSCN0030DSCN0032


We continued riding around the bottom of the island, up around the Lower East Side, then back across to the West Village. It was really fun seeing some of the different boroughs. Surprisingly, I didn’t crash my bike once!

That evening, we had dinner at La Esquina. Mmmm…really good Mexican food. After dinner, we went to a bar called Brinkley’s.DSCN0036

Sunday: Before heading to the airport, I had brunch at Café Cluny in the West Village. Ahhh, this place was so cute! It’s a small, French style café with really good food and drinks. I think this was my favorite restaurant this trip.

I headed to the airport around 11 am only to turn back around 3 hours later…USAir cancelled all their Southbound flights due to “weather issues.” It wasn’t even raining!? Much frustration and taxi dollars later, I was back in the city for dinner at Otto. Pizza made me feel a lot better!

Monday: I finally headed home and am now catching up on my life! I had so much fun in NYC, but I love my bed and the heat. Will catch up on all of your blogs soon, promise!