Aug 7, 2011


That title looks exciting, no!?

Friday: Amanda and I made our first Indian dinner! I have only had Indian food once and I’m 99% sure I had tikka masala. We randomly decided to try Jenna’s recipe for Channa Masala.

You know that one food that just bothers you? For Amanda, it’s tomatoes. She likes tomato sauce, but not tomatoes in chunks/slices. The recipe called for a can of diced tomatoes, but this was just not an option for her. Into the blender they went!DSC_0435Once we got to the step where we needed to add tomatoes, I quickly grabbed the pitcher and the bottom fell off! Oops.


Despite this tiny mishap, the meal came together just fine. With so many spices, the dish had lots of flavor! It was a bit spicy too, but absolutely delicious. We were really proud!


I will definitely be making this again! DSC_0439

Kira came over to play too! I showed them my sugar, chocolate, & coffee bean grinder. They loved it.DSC_0442

Saturday: The three of us checked out the Charleston Farmer’s Market downtown. I hadn’t been since last year and there were so many different vendors. One in particular, was an ice cream vendor that several of my friends recommended I try out.

Meet Roots! DSC_0449 (1280x915)

Roots uses only local and season products in their ice cream. Their flavors are really unique and change often!DSC_0443 (1280x914)

We tried the coffee toffee, Genovese basil, sweet tea, and sweet corn & cinnamon. All the flavors were so creamy. The sweet corn & cinnamon was my favorite. DSC_0445 (1280x853)

For lunch, we went to Monza for pizza. They have beet salad! Of course I ordered it.DSC_0450 (1280x914)

Amanda and I split the Ronnie Peterson pizza: oven roasted chicken breast, artichokes, arugula, ricotta, mozzarella, and garlic. Oh my goooooooshhh it was good. DSC_0451 (1280x853)

Monza Pizza on Urbanspoon

Our final stop downtown was Forever 21. As usual, it was crazytown, but we did purchase some FABUOUS necklaces.

Kira’s is a potion bottle, Amanda’s is mini glasses, and mine is a camera. We cannot wait to wear to the bar. Kira will ask people if they want a sip of her love potion, Amanda will pretend she can’t read her bar tab until she pulls out her glasses, and I will ask someone if they can take our picture. Best $4.80 I spent all weekend.DSC_0454 (1280x853)

Today Margaret and I watched Twilight because I finished the book on Friday! It was so cheesy and I loved it. I kind of wanted to watch it twice, but we also rented Love Happens. Um, after Twilight, that movie was a disappointment. Now Lucy and I are watching Elf. Three movies in a row…wow today is eventful.

Good night!