Aug 4, 2011

Trader Joe’s Makes Dreams Come True

I know it isn’t nice to say this, but…




DSC_0426 (915x1280)

My friends, this is a Sugar, Chocolate, & Coffee Bean Grinder.

I had seen this gem on both Laura’s and Katie’s blog and was immediately intrigued. As soon as I left the gym today, I paid my fourth visit (in a week) to trader Joe’s for it. Once home, I got to grindin’ on some Greek yogurt.DSC_0427 (1280x1024)

The verdict? Sweet. So sweet. As much as I loved it atop the yogurt, I had to taste it on its own. I then got my grind on in my mouth. Yep, I held it over my mouth and gave it a few twists. It’s fine!

In case you’re wondering, here is the ingredient list: brown candy sugar, white candy sugar, chocolate flakes (sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, glucose syrup [wheat, corn]), coffee beans.


Naturally, I felt inclined to unscrew the top and pour out some of the crystals. I would not suggest doing this as you may begin eating them by the tablespoon rather than the recommended 1/4 tsp.

Yes, I am guilty of doing that. What?!?!

Don’t you dare judge me – you would totally do it too. I’m thinking about topping some frozen yogurt with this!

In physical fitness news, when I walked into the gym this evening, one of the trainers, J.D., asked where I had been. My response? Twilight. I have been neglecting the gym because of this book.  I went on Saturday, ran the bridge with Matt on Monday, and hadn’t gone back to the gym until today. That is very unlike me.

For extra motivation, J.D. and I set up a free consultation and personal training session. I think this is just what I need! Included in the consultation is a body fat analysis – YIKES. Although it is not 100% accurate, we will use the body fat calipers to measure my body fat percentage.


Sooooooo this weekend I might want to keep the sugar grinder out of my mouth! Oh, and the booze.

Have you ever used any method to find out your body fat percentage?

What should I use my sugar, chocolate, & coffee been grinder for!? Ideas, please!