Aug 16, 2011

Some E-Cards

Do you guys read the cards on Oh my god, if you don’t already, you better start now. They are witty, hilarious, and blunt. I love reading them, sending them, and plastering them on friends’ facebook walls. Matt and I send more e-cards to each other than a real couple would send greeting cards. Here are some of my favorites:

This one sums up how I feel on the weekends:

And then:

True story:

This one sums up how I feel every Monday morning after my weekend binges:

This one sums up every single day of my life:

This one could not be more true. Early morning workouts aren’t my thing. Let’s be honest.

This is probably how most people feel:



Every weekend for my girlfriends and me:


And this just makes me laugh over and over:

Do you have a favorite e-card? Share!

Also, what’s your favorite humorous website?