Oct 17, 2011

Brunch With The Boys

Last Thursday and Friday I was siiiiiiiick. It felt like I had strep throat mixed with the flu. Thankfully, by Saturday morning, I was back to life and ready to EAT! Two of my good guy friends from my old gym, Justin and Noah, suggested that we go to Poogan’s Porch. They had gone before and really enjoyed it but I had never been. I’d heard plenty of great things about this restaurant, so I was eager to cross it off my list. pp

Apparently the last time the boys went they each ordered multiple entrees. I guess they think this is normal. Noah, after deciding that he would order 5 items said, “Eating is a sport, Christina.”

And then the games begun. Although we were seated within minutes of arriving, it took the longest time for them to bring the biscuits to the table. Not only that, but they were terribly dry. This is the South – you can’t screw up biscuits! Come on.IMAG0744

Soon after, our server brought out our appetizer. imageI knew alligator meat was chewy, but these were chewy and greasy. Bleh.IMAG0746

For some reason, we were then given one of Noah’s main entrees, long before the others came out. Okayyyy. imageIt looked pretty but tasted rather plain. Even after dousing it in maple syrup, the French toast was still just average.IMAG0749 (1)Quite a while later, the rest of the food was delivered to the table.

Noah’s two main dishes were:imageIMAG0753and more biscuits & gravy. IMAG0745

IMAG0755Justin also ordered the biscuits & gravy and imageIMAG0752

The boys thought I was wacky for ordering one entrée. imageIMAG0751

The plate arrived with a ton of extra liquid around the grits. I immediately asked what it was and the server told me it was excess water from the spinach. Really!? They couldn’t have drained that off the plate? Gross. The grits were pretty tasty, but I picked at the salmon, only eating the parts with barbecue sauce.

Honestly, with slow service and mediocre food, I am unsure as to why people like this place. The only point I was really happy was when I found this okra at the bottom of my Bloody Mary. IMAG0755

Maybe it’s just that I don’t love Southern food as much as many of my native friends. Regardless, Poogan’s needs to step up their game in the friendliness and speed department.Poogan's Porch on Urbanspoon

After so much food, the three of us could barely walk the three blocks back to Noah’s apartment. We all wanted to just put on bum clothes, lay on the couch, and be miserable, but it was so pretty outside. Solution? Bring an air mattress outside.

Yup, that’s the middle of Queen Street.queenonqueen

Other ridiculous photos from the weekend…That night at The Macintosh, Ashley and I attempted to lift the humongous pumpkin on display in the bar’s window.IMAG0741

We really love the pumpkin beast.IMAG0742-1