Oct 27, 2011

High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by High Road. They are a chef owned/operated manufacturer of artisan ice creams and sorbets based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They use high quality ingredients and make everything from scratch. Late this summer, they launched a line at Whole Foods that included the following flavors:

  • Aztec Chocolate & Caramel (spicy!)
  • Caffeine & Cacao
  • Bourbon Burnt Sugar
  • Brown Butter Praline
  • Vanilla Fleur de Sel
  • Mango Chile Lime Sorbet (spicy!)
  • Red Berries & Prosecco Sorbet

A week after contacting me, Nicki, one of their representatives, had a demo at my local Whole Foods. Of course I had to stop in to try the new flavors!


Up for sampling were the Aztec Chocolate & Caramel, Caffeine & Cacao, and Bourbon Burnt Sugar. While all three were delicious, my favorite was the Bourbon Burnt Sugar. I was very impressed with the Aztec Chocolate & Caramel. That was the first time I’d tried spicy-flavored ice cream – definitely intriguing.DSCN0083

Nicki offered to buy me a pint before I left. I snagged a pint of the Brown Butter Praline. Even without having sampled it, I was sure it’d be great. She also gave me a fun t-shirt. Unfortunately the babe was not included.image

And then I made an oopsies. A major oopsies, really. Trying to be eco-friendly, I stuck the pint of ice cream in my purse rather than wasting one of the grocery store bags.

No big deal…unless you let it sit. For 2 hours while you’re at a baby shower…

…which is exactly what I did.

As I walked to my car leaving the party, I grabbed the pint by the lid and the container slammed to the ground. The ice cream splattered all over me, my car, and the ground. Sad smileIMAG0713

On Monday when I received a thank you email from High Road for stopping by the demo, I told them about my incident. They were gracious enough to replace my pint! This was actually a blessing in disguise, because I ended up getting the sorbet that hadn’t been in stores yet.

Red Berries & Prosecco:


Absolutely delicious. Not only am I impressed with the quality of the ice cream & sorbet flavors, the quality is outstanding. Both Stacy and Nicki from High Road were so friendly and they’ve found a permanent customer in me! Thanks to you both!

For more information, check out their

Ice cream, sorbet, or gelato?

Favorite flavor of each?

Worst thing you’ve ever spilled all over yourself?