Oct 6, 2011

Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!

I love them so much. I really do. Look at all of my subscriptions.

Would you be surprised at all if I told you that I was in a magazine that came out yesterday?

Once a year, Charleston City Paper puts out a bar guide called Swig. A few weeks ago, my friend Cory asked if I’d like to be in a photo for it. My answer was “(an expletive) YES!” It came out yesterday, but I couldn’t find one anywhere! This afternoon, my friend Luke sent me a picture of that he had taken on his phone. Within minutes, I snatched up my own copy!


There’s also this picture on the CCP website. Say hello to Amanda and Sarah!The WXYZ Bar at Aloft has a trendy, technicolor vibe

The photo was taken by the very talented Jonathan Boncek who also has a healthy living blog.

In other magazine news, a couple months ago I was asked to start contributing to Mount Pleasant Magazine.

This will be my first paid and printed gig. I just submitted my article (which should explain my lack of blogging this week) and am waiting for the editor’s review. I wrote about Wine Tasting and it should come out in the beginning of November. I’ll be sure to keep you posted so you locals can pick up a copy!

Finally, in the mail today I received my first issue of a new magazine subscription:

Let’s talk about this. The first time I saw this magazine was on the back of my ex boyfriend’s toilet. I was extremely concerned as to why this fool would want to be reading about gardening and guns…on the toilet. I picked it up and flipped through a few pages. I would have read more, but really, how much can you read while doing a little tinkle? Not much…unless you’ve just chugged a 40oz but that’s a whole different topic and I’m just getting gross. Over the next couple years, I picked up a few issues here and there, ignoring the magazine’s title, but enjoying the content.

I have to admit, it is good. It is interesting. There are yummy recipes. And 14 years of living in the south later (MY ANNY IS TOMORROW!), I can relate. Boom.

Later gators! XO!