Oct 19, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday Version 10

1. I’ve made a bunch of clothing purchases lately, mostly at Ann Taylor Loft. I’m obsessed with that store bc everything in their petite section fits me like a glove.  purpletopruffleanimalprintclutch

Honest to God, I would wear these black jeans every single day if I didn’t think they would fade. I wore them the Friday I got them, the next Saturday, and last Friday. Obsessed. Besides washing them inside out and in cold water, does anyone have any tips on preserving the color? blackskinny

I also picked up this top from the regular Ann Taylor – they’ve stepped up their game and have some great items right now.crossover

2. On Sunday, I was admiring a rose gold watch that one of the bartenders at The Macintosh was wearing. She told me she had just bought it from TJ Maxx for $49. It retails for $95. Within, oh, say 30 minutes, I left to get one.watchrose

While there, I picked up another one. This one was more expensive at $99, but still, that’s so much cheaper than the original price of $195. I typically wear my Michael Kors silver watch, but these will both be such a fun alternative! It’s hard to tell, but this one is black with rose gold. watch

3. In the mail today, I received a free Peppermint Stick bar from Clif. Then later at the gym, Erica gave me another one! She had been saving one for me from the samples she received. She’s so sweet!

While I thought this bar was really good, I do prefer the Chocolate peppermint Stick by Luna. Thank goodness that bar is available year round!

4. And speaking of the gym, tonight was the launch of Body Attack 74, which Erica taught. Highlights of the class included:

  • lunges/squats combos
  • walking burpees
  • sprinting
  • snowboarding drills and side-to-side skiing moves (my favorite part!)
  • a million tricep pushups
  • side planks and crunches

The new release was intense! My thighs were burning at the end but I loved every minute of it. I highly recommend this class if you really want to push yourself for a full hour.

5. Back when Lucy lived with me, she always bought papayas.  I bought my own for the first time last night. They’re such a funky looking fruit, but pretty inside!

And check out the awesome nutritionals:


Also on that site, I found a recipe idea:image

That sounds sooooooo good. Miss you, Lucy!!

1. Where do you buy the majority of your clothes from?

2. What are you favorite Clif and Luna Bar flavors?

3. Favorite exotic fruit?