Jun 27, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday 6.27.12

1. Snacks. I love love love snacks. I’d rather snack all day than consume meals. These kale chips by Rhythm Superfoods that my grandparents sent me were delicious.

The almond & apricot KIND bar was equally delicious.image

2. This “fresh cupcakes” scented air freshener from Bath & Body Works.  Do you understand how wonderful it is to get in your car and smell cupcakes?! As a bonus, it sparkles in the sunshine. You need to embrace your inner princess and buy one.image

3. This lotion from Bath & Body Works that I wear almost every day. People love it. Boys especially. (Not a joke.) It’s magical.image

Scent description: a seductive blend of dark berries with a kiss of vanilla to unleash your most primal passions. Key fragrance notes: sensual incense, Mirabelle plum, and night musk

4. I must wear headbands when I exercise. I have silly thick hair and both a headband and ponytail holder are necessary to control the mane. I found these headbands in the girls’ section of Target and immediately snatched them up. Obsessed.headbands

Dear God, please don’t let neons ever go out of style.

5. This e-card.Thank you!

6. So true!


(That was taken with my cell phone. Yup. This city is that pretty.)