Jun 6, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. Did you know if you soak gummy bears in rum, you get rummy bears?! I’m way too excited about this.

Imagine all the possibilities: gummy bears, worms, sharks! Trader Joe’s sells gummy penguins and I plan soaking those in some vodka this Summer.

2. Chuckles.

3. On Friday Amanda and I found out that we won the Bacardi Photo Contest!! In case you missed it, here’s the pic we entered, titled “Bacardi Babies.”

We won a 3-night stay at a house on IOP. We’re so excited to plan a fun girls weekend. Thanks to those of you who voted!

4. We also won tickets to go to the Bacardi Classic event but gave them to my friend Melissa who also entered the contest. She’s an awesome gal and totally deserved them. Before she left, she sent me this tweet:image

That made me so proud. I hope the Chick-fil-A helped soak up all the Bacardi. ;)

5. This ice cream is the reason why I’m going to work out extensively this Summer. This is a combination of 2 of the best ice cream flavors. Damn you, Breyer’s. You are good.

6. The intern left me this note on my second monitor at work.IMAG2606

Can anyone honestly tell me they don’t like that song?

7. I love Danielle for this tweet, reminding us to be so grateful for everything we have.image

Pinned Image

Look at everything around you right now. Feel blessed.

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