Sep 16, 2012

Super Hero 5k and My Rosh Hashanah Teddy Bear Challah

Saturday morning, a few of us participated in the Super Hero 5k at the West Ashley Greenway to support Yoga Benefits Kids. I had made a pretty cool “Super Xteeny” shirt, but took it off because it felt like 90 degrees outside…which is why Boding is topless.20120915_103005

Though I didn’t break my PR, my time was 25:58 and Mary Legare and I won the same awards we won in the 2011 Pajama 5k. Mary Legare got 2nd place overall for females, and I got 2nd place in my age group. 2 for 2!20120915_102851

(Please note that is my cell phone in my tank top; I do not have deformed boobies.)

That afternoon, I made a Pumpkin Spicy Teddy Bear Challah. First, let me say this: baking bread is not an easy task. It took a long time, flour got everywhere, my manicure was ruined, and my kitchen was a disaster. But it was so worth it. Using the Pumpkin Challah recipe from The Shiksa’s blog, I shaped the dough into two teddy bears and used M&M's for eyes and buttons. image

Did you know? You’ve probably seen braided challah, but for Rosh Hashanah, challah is made into rounds or spirals to symbolize the circle of life and the cycle of a new year.

I made the first teddy bear to bring over to a friend’s house Saturday evening. The Jew Crew was there so I had them judge my first one. Is this not the cutest thing EVER? I named him Elijah Orstein. All night long I kept wanting to say “Holla! For my challah!” but I controlled my urges.image

The first teddy bear came out really dense because I did not let the dough rise long enough. Luckily, my second teddy bear that I was making for Rosh Hashanah dinner at Sean’s house came out great. It was soft, cinnamony, sweet, and delicious with drizzled honey. I was so proud I did not disappoint my Jewish family!image

Thank you to the Lynches for having me over for another holiday dinner. I’m inspired to make babka next. : )

For which holiday do you enjoy baking/cooking?

What traditional foods do you make?