Sep 24, 2012

Wine Awesomeness School and Club Awesomeness

Last week, my good friend Logan and the crew behind Wine Awesomeness had their second Wine School event.

Wine Awesomeness, whose tagline is “WINE IS BOLD. WINE IS SEXY. WINE IS DELICIOUS” is an ecommerce wine site that features unique, hand-selected wines from artisanal producers. Read more on their manifesto.

Aside from the ability to purchase bottles directly from the site, you can sign up for Club Awesomeness. Members of the club receive a monthly delivery of three bottles of wine, “something cool,” recipe pairings, and a music playlist – perfect for playing while you cook and sip wine. The “something cool” changes per month; you may open your box and fine a beach ball or purple teeth cleaner to remove the wine stains off your pretty smile. There are three wine club options:

At the event, about 20 of us gathered together to learn about the Club Awesomeness and sample some of the wines. In the mix for the evening were:

  • Trevisol, Prosecco
  • Borgo 'M' Friulano, 2010

  • Valle Dell' Acate, Il Moro, Nero d’Avola, 2005

  • Caruso & Minini, Nero d'Avola, 20095185-wine-school-wine-awesomeness-wine_awesomeness-September 18, 2012-right_sash

While Logan filled up our glasses, Brad taught us about each wine. 5207-wine-school-wine-awesomeness-wine_awesomeness-September 18, 2012-right_sash-25202-wine-school-wine-awesomeness-wine_awesomeness-September 18, 2012-right_sash-2[3]

We shared our opinions and talked about food pairings. I knew that we’d be drinking a couple reds, so I brought along a basket of Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies. 5216-wine-school-wine-awesomeness-wine_awesomeness-September 18, 2012-right_sash-2

They were a hit.Who knew that cookies would pair well with wine? Oh, I did. Obviously.

Bonus to attending Wine Awesomeness events? You get to mingle with lots of cute boys.DSC_0265party (2)244309_10100262286083594_353955546_o

So LISTEN! I know you’re already interested in joining Club Awesomeness. Lucky for you, those cuties let me give you a discount code for 10% off your orders. Enter hungrymeetshealthy at checkout and you’re on your way to AWESOMENESS.

What else would you want to be?

PS: Wine Awesomeness and I will be hosting another event around mid-October. The event will be limited, so if you’d like to hang with us, please shoot me an email to