Sep 12, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday 9.12.12

1. My Fall CSA with Gruber Farm started yesterday. I’m so excited to have a fresh box of produce every week again. I’ve really missed it these past few weeks! I’m also happy to see that I’ve encouraged a few friends to sign up with Gruber. I hope they’re just as pleased as I have been.csa

I will share all the goodies with you tomorrow, along with a recipe.

2. I should probably make this salad from Ali Baba, right? It’s delicious. Their misspelling of “raisins” makes me laugh.IMAG3349

3.  I bought this shirt from Forever 21 last weekend. It just seemed right with the whole Xtina/X thing. I’m a sucker for anything with an X or XO.xshirt

4. When I found the Candy Corn M&Ms at Target, I also spotted Candy Corn Oreos. I cannot commit to a box, but I do want to high-five anyone else who tries them. Let me know how they are.IMAG3344

5. Candy proposal? I don’t mind saying yes to that.IMAG3362

6. Is this Boding’s future child?

7. Love.