Sep 8, 2009

Beautiful Breakfast, Ugly News...Oh, and football.

Let's get the bad news over with: Facebook is now blocked at my work. All the ladies are freaking. Around 9:30 this morning I was scrolling through pics from the weekend, and when I went to click back to my own page, BAM! SPAM FILTER! NO!!!!!!!! I was so disturbed, I ran down to the girls in Accounting and they all confirmed it was blocked for them as well! One sweet lady thinks that if we raise a big enough stink, they'll let us have it back. Hmmm, probably not, but we can dream about it.

So to pull me out of my depression, I whipped out the $1 off coupon for Biggby Coffee that I had been drooling over for the past 6 days. Ever since its arrival to my email early Wednesday morning, I've been debating whether or not to get it. This week's coupon was $1 off a S'mores latte. Really!? I was drooling just looking at the coupon. But do I need the extra calories? Do I need to spend the frivolous $3.92 even after using a coupon? After the facebook crash, YES I DO.

I just got back to work with my latte and it is heaaaavenly. It's made with gingerbread, chocolate, and marshmallows. To me, that is perfect. And since I hadn't eaten breakfast, I pulled out my honey Oikos & a tangelo.

Right as I was pulling all this out, my coworker came in and offered me some grapes, so I gave her half of the tangelo. Breakfast just got even more amazing!

I'm not sure if I'm on some sort of coffee high or if these are my true feelings, but I think I like football. I watched about 7 minutes of the OSU/Navy game (Callie is so proud), about 24 of the FSU/Miami game, and maybe, just maybe, 32 of the Clemson/Middle Tennessee game.

But I feel the need to analyze why I might have enjoyed football.

OSU/Navy: Super Boyfriend removed the tv from his bedroom and put it outside on the deck. I'm not kidding. Like Super Boyfriend went Super Ghetto and used an extension cord and propped the 19 incher on the patio table. He and Brett sat in their foldout chairs to watch the game, while the girlfriends played in the A/C and read the newest People and surfed It was beautiful outside Saturday, so I decided to see how the game was going and ended up catching the last few minutes, which were actually a big deal. OSU was winning 29-21 and Navy had the ball. Time to text Callie to make sure she's still alive. Her response: "I can't talk right now." HAHA! She is a huge fan and I want to thank her for convincing me to actually give the sport a chance. So for 7 minutes, I was outside in beautiful, sunny weather, sitting on boyfriend's lap, watching the game. What's not to like?

Clemson: Saturday night we went to Wild Wings with some friends to watch the game. They have $3 beers in these big plastic cups. Big plastic cups means beer slides down your throat a heck of a lot easier than in a bottle. 5, 6, maybe 7 beers later, Xtina came out. I really can't be sure how much of this game I actually watched, but I feel like it was about 32 minutes. With beer cups the size of my face and my blackberry in hand, I loved the game!


Kidding, I didn't drink all of those.

FSU/Miami: First we had this on in the living room while Brandon was studying and I was looking up Italy hotels. The beginning of the game was really pretty. Scratch that, Callie said this is called "Pre-game activities." Wow, she is pretty much a football player. Anyway, the PGAs were fun! Fireworks, dancing horses, and girls with too much glitter on their faces! I likey! We watched the rest of the game while snuggling (ew) in bed, and I even asked a few questions. So for this game, I was perusing Italy sites, then snuggling, then (gasp!) learning something.

63 minutes of football--I think I like it. We're going to the Clemson/Texas Christian game in a couple of weeks. This will be my fiiiiiirst in real life football game. Yay!! Oh, wait, Callie says I need to say "live game" and "Clemson/TCU." Bear with me, this is a learning process.


  1. 1. i am super proud of your newfound love/like of football.
    2. i'm also proud of super boyfriend for watching the osu game on saturday. please pray for us next week, kthanks.
    3. i cracked up during this whole blog.
    4. hahahaha. (still laughing over the last paragraph.)
    5. i am way too small to be a football player. but i would put erin andrews to shame. (ask any male football fan who she is if you don't already know.) :)

  2. Biggby!! Any idea whats going on with the one in Mount Pleasant near the CVS? Its been closed forever ever? That coffee sounds ridiculous good. Love the pic of you with all the cups- cracks me up :)

  3. they blocked facebook?!?! that's immoral!! whatever happened to "freedom of checking out other peoples pictures and statuses when you're supposed to be working".. oh wait, maybe that amendment never got passed.