Sep 1, 2009

Marry Me, Fiber...Divorce Me, Chobani

If fiber could take form as a human being, I'd pray it was a man, hunt him down, and beg him to marry that weird? Oh, well...I am.

General Mills' Fiber One is one of my faaaaavorite brands. I often check the site for new products, and occasionally they'll have samples. Because I am a true fatty at heart, I requested samples for Christina @ Home, Christina @ Work, and Christina @ Brandon's. That's probably abusing their offer. The sample pack included a full-size oats & chocolate bar and a sample of their honey clusters cereal. I've had the cereal before and it's darn good! A 1 cup serving size is 160 cals, 1.5g fat, only 6g of sugar, and packs 13g of fiber! Yeah! Add the oats & chocolate bar that packs 9g of fiber and you've got yourself a days' worth of colon happiness!

Of their bar flavors, these are my preferences:
1. Oats & Apple Streusel
2. Oats & Strawberry
3. Oats & Caramel
4. Oats & Peanut Butter
5. Chocolate Mocha
6. Oats & Chocolate

Other products include yogurt, cottage cheese, pancake/muffin mixes, bread, toaster pastries, and muffins. I've had the yogurt, all the cereals, and all the bars. Mmm! You can get your own sample pack (or 3!) here.

I don't really believe in divorce, but ewww Chobani you failed me today. My after work snack was the blueberry flavor and a tangelo. Odd combination, yes. I thought the Chobani lacked flavor for the high sugar content...20g of sugar, really? I'm sorry for cheating on my Oikos!


  1. hmmmmmmmmm I love the taste of fiber one bars but check the back= HFCS! Such a bummmer. I still buy them for Josh on occasion.

  2. The Fiber one caramel cereal is soooo good. I love fiber & fiber one too. NOM

  3. I vote you become the spokeswoman for Fiber One and get all the free samps your heart desires :)