Jul 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

This pretty much sums up my weekend.


Dancing with a belt?DSC04652

Slightly upset that she took it away from me. I guess she thought I was going to choke myself.DSC04653

A Charleston fire engine.IMAG0121


Boat day.

Stopping for our favorite fast food after a long day in the sun.IMAG0124



Beach day. Later at the bar we took about 45 pictures doing “The Chandler” smile. Please say someone knows what this is.IMAG0127


Beach day #2. Champagne and pickles – the most delicious combo.IMAG0131

Sporting Kira’s new cover-up from Wing’s.IMAG0133

My liver really wants me to go back to work tomorrow.

I might do a full recap later. I might not.


Your most classy friend, Xtina