Jul 27, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday Version 5.0

1. Kira sent me a pic of the largest baby carrot I’ve ever seen. I can’t decide what I like more – the carrot or her Lilly bag.67

2. When I bought my hideous blog shirt last week, I also noticed this gem at Homegoods: IMAG0278I could hardly believe my eyes – when did Mt. Pleasant get so fancy? Sadly, this does not match my bedroom. Or any room in my apartment for that matter. Could I hang it in my car? It certainly  matches there.

3. Phillip, my friend from Eco (former gym), sent me these pickle gifts he saw in Helen, Ga. Someone take me to Georgia STAT.

Pickle mints – nobody would kiss me.  Helen-20110723-00288

Pickle toothpicks – again, nobody would kiss me.Helen-20110723-00286

Pickle soap – one more time, nobody would kiss me. Guess I shouldn’t go to Georgia.Helen-20110723-00287

4. Clif came out with new bars!!



If you eat Clif bars, which bar/flavor do you prefer? The Carrot Cake bar is heavenly. I also love the Kid Z Bars and I’m excited to try the new crispy version!

5. Sometimes I feel ultra creative after a glass of wine. 270782_10100107570799178_12711601_45336658_1377350_nI’m pretty sure he appreciated it, as his comment on it was: “It's just so special, I feel like everything I receive from here on out will pale in comparison.” Little does he know, I can do wonders with a box of markers.

6. This:

7. My blog’s facebook page is only 17 people away from having 1,000 fans! Eeeeeeeeeh! If you’re not already, become a fan here!