Jul 22, 2011

Sorry I Am Not Sorry For Being A Lazy Blogger.

Enjoy some linkage.

Were you a child of the 80s? Two words: Polly Pockets. CLICK!

Do you judge the attractiveness of men by their shoes? CLICK!

I bought this shirt last night. In case you can’t read it, it says “Everyone talks about my BLOG.” With a price tag of $7.99 HOW COULD I RESIST!? IT IS SO HIDEOUS! Just like my face last night. I had just come from Body Step and have no make up on. You like?!IMAG0283

Exercises to strengthen your choo choo? WTH? CLICK!

I almost peed my jeans when I saw this:

Don’t ask me why I’m wearing jeans when it’s 400 degrees in Charleston today.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies! You’re going to drool all over your laptop/desktop/ipad/other stupid internet browsing device. CLICK! 

Toning exercises you can do at your desk. (I just bounce around in my chair a lot, but whatever, here ya go.) CLICK!

Happy Friday!