Jul 26, 2011

Pickle Dog Tasting at The Joe!

As a birthday present—Good Lord, I’m still celebrating?—Charleston Pickle Company set up a very exciting pickle tasting event for my pickle crew and me. The Charleston RiverDogs baseball park is the only place in Charleston whose menu features a pickle dog. What’s a pickle dog?

A hot dog inside of a pickle.


Amanda, Jess, and I (the original frickle tasters), along with my friend Nancy, went to The Joseph P. Riley park for some food fun. Honestly, we went in thinking that we were just there to try the pickle dogs and watch the game. It actually turned into a food extravaganza. Josh Gilkey, Director of Food & Beverage at The Joe, led us around the park to show us the many food options.

We started here:DSC_0310 (915x1280)

Josh showed us that the park serves typical game food, but also healthier options like black bean burgers, pretzels & hummus, and veggie trays. He told us to sit tight while he went to gather some food. Look at the amazing view from the back of the park!DSC_0311 (1280x914)

A few minutes later, a ridiculous amount of food was presented in front of us. We tried The Charleston Dog with coleslaw and okra.DSC_0314 (1280x914)

The Dixie: a hot dog with coleslaw and pimiento cheese.DSC_0319 (1280x914)

The Yankee: a hot dog with chow chow and spicy mustard.DSC_0320 (1280x914)

The Elvis: a bun filled with a banana, peanut butter, and honey.DSC_0315 (1280x914)

And the Pickle Dogs!!!DSC_0317 (1280x914)

DSC_0318 (1280x914)

Ohhhhhhhhhh my gosh, we were in heaven. People walking by must have thought we were insane for standing around with all this food. We ended up sharing with some tourists from California – they loved The Elvis as much as we did. We also tried the black bean burger and everyone was very impressed with it. We’d all order this the next time we come back for a game.

Here’s Jess with The Dixie:DSC_0321 (915x1280)

And Nancy with The Yankee: DSC_0322 (912x1280)

Our second stop was The Nacho House where we tried two different types of nachos. The Vegetarian Nachos are topped with a Southwest bean mix, queso, sweet chili sauce, and pico de gallo.DSC_0326 (1280x914)

The Chipotle Chicken Nachos are topped with chicken, a Southwest bean mix, queso, pico de gallo, and sweet chili sauce. I might be obsessed with these. DSC_0328 (1280x914)

The last thing we tried was the Pig On A Stick. This is a foot long bacon-wrapped corn dog, or maybe we should call it a heart attack. Whatever the damage we did to our arteries was worth it. DSC_0334 (915x1280)

After gorging ourselves with food, we played with the baseball cut out signs.DSC_0329 (1280x914)DSC_0331 (1280x914)DSC_0335 (1280x914)

The amount of food we sampled was painful, but delicious. On the way home, Amanda texted me, “I feel like I need to throw up and die, but I would do it again in a second!!!”

And yes, we will be doing it all again. Stay tuned for Part II of The Charleston RiverDogs menu tasting…Burgers and DESSERT!!!

If there’s a pickle anywhere near ice cream, I’m going to lose it.

In a good way!

Humongous thanks to the Charleston Pickle Company for setting this up!!

Major thanks to Josh for showing us around and killing our diets!!DSC_0337 (1280x914)

I <3 pickles too much.DSC_0340 - Copy (2)