Aug 31, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday Version 8.0

Geez, how many versions can I do? This could get to WILW Version 8 billion.

1. College football starts Saturday!!! Where is everyone watching the games?DSC02000

2. Speaking of football, the first game I’m (probably) going to is the Clemson vs. Auburn game on September 17th. I’ll be wearing orange to stay neutral. I just bought three dresses online in preparation. Hopefully at least one will fit.


3. In other fashion news, my new blog friend Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement sent me a picture of her “bracelet brigade.” image

How cute is she? Sierra went to UNC, got married here in Charleston, and now lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Check out her blog!

4. In food news, Ashton sent me this picture message a couple days ago:

“You can now get your favorite ketchup packs at Harris Teeter. I am purchasing them because any true ketchup lover needs them.” Smart lady!image

5. This Hello Kitty duct tape I found at Target. Of course I immediately sent a pic to Katie. But seriously, what can I do with this? It’s too cute not to use. IMAG0519

6. I’m still incapable of typing on my phone – touch screens are tricky!! However, I’ve been so amused with my typos. My new favorite? Instead of typing Christina Orso, I type Christina Oreo. YUM!

7. I was telling my coworker that I wanted to read this book that was mentioned in church on Sunday. He goes to the same church and knew exactly which book I was talking about. When I walked into work this morning, he had left his copy on my desk! :)IMAG0529

8. Tonight I get to hang out with Sarah!! I’m heading to her house after work so we can cook dinner and drink wine!