Oct 11, 2011

7 Annoying Things At The Gym

1. The dude that carries around the gallon of water. Seriously? Are you trying to impress me with your ability to chug a massive amount of water? Because you won’t. Shot gunning a beer may excite me, but not water. Come on.

Get a Camelbak.

2. Jacking the treadmill up to an incline of 2985298629% and the holding onto the handles the whole time. Wait, what? How about walk at an incline that you can handle on a slower pace? Your butt muscles will thank you for not ruining half your workout by clinging to the bars.

This chick knows what’s up.

3. People who don’t clean off the machines/mats/benches. EW!!!! Nobody wants to lay in your germs! Get a rag and wipe!

Richard Gere knows what’s up.

4. People who talk on their phone. Oh good heavens. It’s one thing to use your phone for music or to text in between reps, but keep your mouth shut. I do recommend getting babes’ #s at the gym though.

This chick knows what’s up. Get it girl!!

5. The dudes who steal my spot in between reps. This happened to me today actually. I walked like 2 feet away from the lat pull down and this guy came out of nowhere and hopped on it. Usually I am pretty confrontational but this man was jacked. I was too afraid to say anything so I gave him a death stare instead. 4 times. It was kind of like this but 50% less ugly.

6. The beast who screams or grunts while pumping iron. Ummm, if you are in that much pain, maybe you should just go home.

7. The guys who wear sandals to work out. This is not safe! Dropping a weight on your toe will hurt badly. Trust me – I dropped a weight on my boob once while doing chest presses. So painful. My poor left tata was bruised for a week.

As much as these drive me crazy, I’ve committed a few no nos myself. Like when I  wore the Boys <3 Me shirt to the gym. Obnoxious, I know, but it makes me laugh.IMG_4318

What annoys YOU at the gym?