Oct 20, 2011

Laura Albert’s and Running Downtown

While at work today, my good friend T.J. called asking if I wanted to go to lunch because he just finished up a meeting nearby. Although I had brought my lunch, I couldn’t say no. There are many great restaurants on Daniel Island that I don’t take advantage of enough.

Because T.J. had never been, I suggested we eat at Laura Albert’s. It’s definitely  my favorite place on the island because of their creative dishes. The food is always fresh, of good quality, and delicious. The service is exceptional as well. Family run businesses seem to put so much more effort into your dining experience and I love supporting them.

T.J. chose the Blackened Chicken Sandwich with fresh mozzarella and lettuce on a  tomato parmesan peppercorn grilled ciabatta. It was served with homemade potato chips with blue cheese crumbles.IMAG0781

I opted for a new menu item: an Open-faced Turkey Sandwich with pear, brie, and white balsamic on a grilled ciabatta with a side of collard greens. IMAG0782

I was so happy with this sandwich. The white balsamic really gave this sandwich so much flavor. I never realized how much more I prefer white balsamic to regular bc it seems to be much sweeter.What do you think?

Laura Alberts Tasteful Options on Urbanspoon

Once back to work, I wanted something sweet. Thank goodness one of the managers nearby always lets me dig into his secret candy stash. It’s overflowing right now! He said he bought a ton of candy in preparation for a meeting. “It was a budget meeting and chocolate helps with depression.”. Oh, he is so right. I popped back a mini Heath bar and a Kit Kat bar and was ready to take on the afternoon. IMAG0778

After work, I met my friend Noah downtown for a run. We ran around Colonial Lake, along The Battery, back down East Bay and towards the College of Charleston for a total of 5k. batteryrun

It was soooooooooooo windy out, but we managed to finish in 26:51. We can both run faster--I blame the weather and crazy tourists getting in the way! Smile

Do you ever put fruit on your sandwiches? I love apples on ham sandwiches and bananas on peanut butter sandwich. By far, my favorite fruit in a sandwich recipe is by Emily. Her Pumpernickel Pastrami Panini with Rosemary-Ale Jus was featured on Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown. I insist you make it this fall!

Do you prefer running on a treadmill, track, sidewalk, or other location? I strongly prefer running outside but like using a treadmill for HIIT.