Oct 30, 2011

Halloweekend Update – Picture Heavy

On Saturday, Boding and I took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and frolicked around downtown. We decided to stop at Taziki’s Mediterranean Café, a new(ish) restaurant on King Street. I had been craving a gyro for like a month (weird?) so I was excited to see what they had to offer.

I am so glad that we went to Taziki’s. It’s really pretty inside, all the employees were extremely friendly, and the food was incredibly fresh.

I had the Grilled Chicken Gyro with taziki sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, and grilled onions with two sides: chips, and a tomato-cucumber salad.DSC_0716 (1280x853)

You know I am really weird about onions, and these didn’t even bother me. Although I think the potato chips were unnecessary, I was very pleased with my other side. It was as if they had just chopped my tomatoes and cucumber a few minutes before.

We also shared hummus and pita chips. The hummus was on the grittier side (which I like), but still creamy enough. DSC_0714 (1280x853)

You have got to get to Taziki’s. I’m so in love and you should be too.Taziki's Cafe Charleston on Urbanspoon

After lunch we walked around for a few hours. I gave him a little tour of my alma mater, the College of Charleston. Go cougars!Our next stop DSC_0725 (1280x853)DSC_0729 (1280x853)DSC_0731 (1280x853)DSC_0747 (1280x853)

Planking on a fancy campus building.DSC_0739

We also stopped at Tom’s Toys, a little store that sells Kapla Blocks. You can go in and play with the blocks anytime. The owners have created some really neat constructions.DSC_0751 (1280x853)

I am not so creative. I built two things: my name…DSC_0758 (1280x853)

…and a twitter hashtag.DSC_0760 (1280x853)

That evening, it was time to dress up for Halloween! Last minute, Ashley and I decided to be the devil/angel duo. DSC_0772

We had SO much fun on Saturday – first the four of us (Rachel, Ashley, Jenny and I) met up with Valerie at O-ku. So sad this pic is blurry. DSC_0767

Then we all went to Trio to dance, dance, and dance. We had quite the dance circle going on!

Devil and Catwoman.IMAG0854

Tomb raider, Trophy Wife, Angel.315527_585246666005_217402462_32212515_763115721_n

What were YOU for Halloween?

Best thing you ate this weekend?