Jul 30, 2011

Friday Off!

I took Friday off, from work and blogging. I needed to unplug and I may or may not have requested a vacation day just for Trader Joe’s opening. Amanda and I decided it was very necessary to start our day with the grand opening.

It was a madhouse, but I think we (Amanda, her mom, Kira, and I) were too excited to notice. At first we walked around taking it all in, but then made our rounds throwing random stuff in our carts. Look how excited we were after we finished!VIDEO0004

Here’s what I bought: DSC_0358 (1280x964)

  • fresh chopped chicken salad
  • light champagne salad dressing (party!)
  • sweet apple chicken sausage
  • barbeque pop chips
  • dehydrated banana chips
  • dried mango
  • dried apples
  • edamame crackers
  • pink lady apples
  • a random bottle of pinot grigio
  • roasted garlic hummus
  • lemon pepper pappardelle
  • Greek yogurt
  • omega trail mix packs
  • almonds
  • 4 fiberful fruit bars
  • frozen basil (how convenient is this?!)

All that for only $51.73. Wee! I’m so excited about this beet salad…have yall had this before?DSC_0361 (1280x1024)

Our next shopping stop was the new J. Crew outlet. It wasn’t as fully stocked as I anticipated, but I did leave with a pair of skinny jeans. Love this dark color.image

I also picked up this top from Ann Taylor on Thursday. Perfect for fall.image

Shopping worked up an appetite, so on the way to the beach, we stopped at the Sullivan’s Island Co-op for sandwiches. I got the California Turkey sandwich with bacon, tomato, sprouts, avocado, and herbed cheese spread on whole wheat. image

The Co-Op on Urbanspoon

Finally at the beach, Amanda and I pulled out our nerdy books. Harry Potter for her, and this for me:IMAG0357

Who reads cookbooks at the beach!? It was probably 100* with hardly any breeze, so we only lasted about 2 hours. Friday evening I met some friends at Midtown. While there, I noticed a man in some very tight jeans. These might be tighter than the skinny jeans I just purchased. Maybe he’ll let me borrow!IMAG0364

Hope you all are having a nice weekend. So far today, I’ve gone to the gym, stopped by Trader Joe’s again, and this evening we’re celebrating Amanda’s brother’s 30th birthday. See you tomorrow!