Jul 28, 2011

Oh This Day.

After work on Wednesday I went to a much-needed hair appointment. My hair was root city and I can’t stand it when it gets too far past my shoulders.  I usually get highlights and lowlights in a golden color because I have a lot of natural copper tones in my hair. The past few visits I haven’t gotten lowlights because it’s summer. Today I was bored with blonde and wanted some more of this in my hair:


And then we had a mini-crisis. The super blonde parts of my hair didn’t take it well, and I ended up with some PINK streaks. Ok, not pink, but like this:image

Oops. Luckily, it was easily fixed by adding a neutral tone all over it and my hair looks even better! But three hours in the salon later, I was about to eat my arm in hunger. Ever had a bad experience with hair color?

On the way home, I stopped at the library for some books I had reserved. I am a nerd. I am fine with it.

I have always wanted to read this. It’s going to be sad, but oh well.

I know I’m not a “dummy” at blogging, but I’m sure I’ll find some tips in here. I love that there’s a dummy guide for blogging.

Beet recipes!!

How fun does this look? I love reading about cooking, especially if there’s a scientific aspect to it. I told you I am a nerd.

My next stop was to Mariah’s house so we could go for a run downtown. We started running from her house, around the battery,

around colonial lake,

down Broad Street,

then all the way down King Street.

I told Mariah we should run all the way to Midtown because I had left my iPod there a while back. So we did. 3.6 miles later, all kinds of sweaty, we walked into the bar and were given some water.

Never have I ever gone running to a bar in my gym clothes until today. I swear we didn’t consume any adult beverages. Then we ran home for a grand total of 5.34 miles.569

We had a lot of fun catching up, checking out shirtless hotties (we saw 6!), and getting hollered at. Yes, people still holler from their cars apparently.

THANK YOU for helping me surpass 1,000 fans for my blog’s facebook page. I’m now at 1,034! Smile I don’t know who half of you are but I LOVE YOU! Say hello sometime, please!

A billion XOs.