Jul 5, 2011

My Birthday Recap

I had such a good birthday this year and feel so blessed to have such great friends! The day before my actual birthday, Mariah met me for a “pre-birthday lunch” because she really wanted to give me her gift early. I couldn’t say no to that.

She picked me up valet-style from work (woo to that!) and we went to Wasabi on Daniel Island. We both ordered the same lunch special: house onion soup, teriyaki chicken, vegetables, and steamed rice.IMAG0101IMAG0102

Wasabi D.I. on Urbanspoon

Delish! Before we ate, I opened my present from Mariah. Inside the gift bag were two hilarious gifts: Wickles!!

And a Charleston Pickle Company t-shirt!!! I was so in love with this shirt that I put it on right when I got back to work!! IMAG0104-1-1

Sorry it’s backwards. The shirt says “What’s in your pickle?”

After lunch, Sean (favorite intern) surprised me with a plate of homemade brownies! When I asked if he made them he responded, “No, but I measured.” Well thanks Sean’s mom! SmileIMAG0097

Later I met a group of my close girlfriends for dinner at Mustard Seed. Amanda gave me this really cute birthday cupcake kit:

Nikki gave me a pair of pretty earrings and a Menchie’s gift card. That gift card will be used immediately.IMAG0142

And for dessert, Mary and Jess made me chocolate covered pistachio cake pops!! DSC_0084

Aren’t they so cute? I love how green they are.DSC_0083

Here’s a pic of us after dinner. I’m so thankful that you girls came out and love each of you so much! SmileDSC_0096

The next day, I got the most interesting birthday present from my ex-boyfriend. For those of you who are new readers, Brandon is who started this blog with me until I took over. Of all things an ex-boyfriend would buy me for a birthday present…let me just tell you, I was not expecting this.

A Shun Santoku knife.

REALLY? He must not think I’m that crazy.

This thing is magical. It cuts so well it scares me. After I opened it, I immediately cut up an apple, a tomato, a cucumber…just random stuff I could find in the fridge. It’s pretty amazing and I wonder how long it will take before I chop a finger off. Just kidding but not really.