Jul 25, 2011

Taco Mamacita, Ow Ow!

Yeah, that onomatopoeia was probably unnecessary but I just drank a bunch of coffee. On Sunday, Matt and I decided to continue our church hopping (chopping) adventures. We last went to Seacoast, which was a bit more contemporary than we like, but they also offer a traditional service in their chapel. We went to that service and it was much more our taste. Although I still found the music to be quite contemporary (can I get a choir?), I thoroughly enjoyed the sermon. Matt enjoyed the fact that the chapel wasn’t 800 degrees like the cove we sat in last time. Nobody wants to be sweating in church, and I surely don’t want to be smelling him.

After church, we decided to celebrate National Tequila Day. Church then tequila. Priorities, people! We went over to Sullivan's Island to try the new Taco Mamacita, which is based out of Tennessee. DSC_0306 (1280x835)

The Mexican-themed menu has your standard chips, salsa, guac, tacos, enchiladas and MARGARITAS! Woop woop!

On the left you will see theimageand on the right is theimage
Can you guess whose is whose? DSC_0303 (1280x915)

To start, we had theimage

I forgot to take a picture. I guess I was already tipsy. Just kidding.
As far as the tacos go, you can choose two of their twelve different tacos and add a side for $8.99. I ate this combo:imageimageimage
DSC_0304 (1280x853)Pickles on a taco!!! Yum. The Caribbean Taco was better; it had a ton of flavor. The black bean & corn salad could have used some salt but I figured I was getting enough in my beverage.

Matt’s combo:imageimageimageDSC_0305 (1280x853)

The picture is a bit blurry, but street corn had been grilled and topped with Mexican crema and cheese. Goodness. Way to fatten up a vegetable. Matt said he liked his Oy Vey taco better.
 Taco Mamacita on Urbanspoon
After lunch we drove to Costco, the store where we usually get in some kind of trouble. If you are a new reader, pleeeeeeeeeease check out the post where we purchased a giant 51” blow up ball. Sadly, we did not get into trouble this time. I did, however, take a bicycle for a spin down a few aisles. Matt looked at me like I was an idiot but I explained to him that this was Costco and I was just sampling it.
Matt bought stupid things like light bulbs and soap, while I bought necessities: pineapple and a lot of gum. At the rate I chew gum and share with the intern, this box will be gone in oh, two weeks? IMAG0321

The next stop on our (family?) adventure was Barnes & Noble so Matt could work and I could play. He gets mildly irritated when I take his picture while he’s trying to focus. This is just payback for things like decorating my room with my bras, making me sit in the trunk, hosing me down in the yard,  and stealing my phone to creep on my text messages.IMAG0325

My three brothers didn’t abuse me like this, so I guess I’m suffering now.

This is such a busy (but fun!) week for me. I will be:
  • pickle dog tasting
  • sampling new items on the Mustard Seed menu
  • going to the grand opening of Trader Joe’s
  • checking out the new J. Crew outlet
  • possibly seeing Friends with Benefits
What fun activities are on your agenda this week?
What type of abuse do I owe Matt?