Jul 20, 2011

IZZE Sparkling Juices And A Few Oopsies

Last week, I received a 4-pack of IZZE sparkling juices. DSC_0272 (1280x831)

Included in the box were four flavors: Clementine, Blackberry, Grapefruit, and Pomegranate.DSC_0277 (1280x853)

IZZE sparkling juices are contain real fruit juices and have no caffeine, refined sugars, or artificial flavors. Out of the flavors IZZE provided me, I liked the Grapefruit best as it tasted the most like its natural fruit. The Clementine flavor was my second favorite because it wasn’t too sweet and was lightly flavored. I found both the Blackberry and Pomegranate flavors to be much too sweet; however, I think they’d be great with a splash of vodka! ;)

In addition to the samples, I received a coupon for a free 4-pack of IZZE or IZZE esque, which is their low-calorie option. The regular IZZE bottles contain 150 calories per bottle, and IZZE esque only has 50. Their IZZE esque flavors are

  • watermelon
  • black raspberry
  • limon
  • watermelon

Which flavor should I buy? Decisions, decisions!

In other news, I am still the clumsiest, most accident-prone individual I know. In the past 3 days, I have managed to:

  • burn my arm on the oven while making pizza on Sunday
  • stick my hand in a pot of boiling water to pull out the corn on the cob….what!?
  • get a paper cut at work today
  • cut my hand with my brand new weapon knife this evening
  • fly off the treadmill at the gym!

Let’s talk about that last one. Tuesday night, Mariah and I did an awesome strength training workout and were finishing up with some cardio. I had just turned my speed up to 8.0 and for some reason, my phone (pandora!) went flying. Instead of turning off the treadmill, I jumped to the side and retrieved my phone. Already flustered, I forgot that my treadmill was on 8.0 when I decided to jump back on towards the back. NOOOOOO!! Instead of running like this guy…

I just skidded right off onto my shins. I instantly bruised and cut my leg. OOPS. I was just thinking the other day that I was surprised that this hadn’t happened before. Why am I such a mess!?!? A lot of people tell me I need to “slow down” but ugh, I have things to do! Ha ha.

Are you extremely clumsy or accident-prone? It’s pretty standard for me to walk into things, burn myself, and drop things on a daily basis. I just have to laugh it off and remember this quote: