Jul 15, 2011

Honeycomb Café And Then Some

Both of my bosses were in town this week for the managers’ meetings. My manager works in Reno and our boss works in Seattle. It may seem bizarre to have both of your managers working remotely, but with today’s technology it’s very easy to communicate. As today was their last day in town, the Communications team met at Honeycomb Café on Daniel Island for breakfast.

Other than our awesome cafeteria, Honeycomb Café is the only place to get breakfast on the island. The staff was very welcoming and attentive; As soon as I sat down, I was immediately offered a menu and something to drink.

We all ordered something different, as there were many options from which to choose.

Sean ordered the corned beef hash with an egg sunny side up.DSC_0278 (1280x853)

Suzann had the Denver Burrito which was filled with eggs, black beans and mixed potatoes covered with house made slowly-cooked pork green chili and topped w/ sour cream, salsa and sliced avocado. Yum!DSC_0279 (1280x853)

Elizabeth went with her favorite breakfast: an omelet with bacon, Havarti, and spinach, with a side of potatoes. I love that they had sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and purple potatoes. DSC_0280 (1280x853)

I had the Daily Double: two eggs, grits, and ham. DSC_0282 (1280x853)

I also got a side of fruit. I was impressed with the many types of fresh fruit they included.DSC_0281 (1280x853)

After we ate, we took a group photo outside of the restaurant. We all got a giggle from this picture. Kat (lower left) looks like she is smuggling vegetables, but that’s just extra veggies from my CSA that I shared with her. Kevin looks like he’s kissing the air while I appear to be sitting on him. Awkward family photo? I think so. DSC_0284 (1280x916)

Unfortunately, our other remote teammate, Rob, could not attend the breakfast meeting, so I photoshopped him in later. Psshhh I don’t know how to use Photoshop; this picture was edited in Paint. And no, that is not a beer in Rob’s hand. That is apple juice. Robwasthere (1280x916) (1280x916)

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After work, I went over to Matt’s house before happy hour. As much as he wanted to go out in this outfit, I couldn’t let him.IMAG0222

And he wouldn’t let me go out with this fancy necklace on. Darn it!IMAG0223

The “specialty drinks” I ordered at Hall’s must have been a bit too expensive, because when we left, he demanded I ride in the trunk.IMAG0227

Just kidding, this was staged. It does look a bit like a kidnapping scene, doesn’t it? I may or may not use this to blackmail him later.