Jul 24, 2011

The Weekend Is Only Half Over!!

Okay, it’s more than half over, but I’m in denial.

Friday: Matt and I, along with a few others, went to a Riverdogs game.

I stared at this guy’s butt for half the game.image

While there, I had my first pickle dog! Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh! And a giant Coor’s Light. What a special moment this was.448Stay tuned for later this week when I show you exactly what a pickle dog is. Trust me, this is going to be such a good post.

We also stayed for the fireworks! I like them now. They are kind of romantic when you are with the man who asks you to get married if, at 35 we are both still single. Hahahha yes, that’s Matt, my future ex husband.IMAG0306

After the game we went to Closed for Business for a beer. This is not one of my favorite bars, just fyi. Thankfully I was entertained by a Fashion Friday DON’T: tall socks with sneakers. Bad, bad, bad.IMAG0307Saturday: I spent the entire day with Amanda and we had soooo much fun! We met a bunch of our other girlfriends at the beach, and although it was almost 100*, we had a really nice, relaxing time. The ocean feels like bath water right now. Oh, July in the South.

After we left the beach, we wanted nothing else but frozen yogurt!! We decided to check out Lil Yo Yogurt, a part of Square Onion Too on Coleman Blvd. Inside a small house, Lil Yo Yogurt has four flavors of froyo:IMAG0310IMAG0311

I got strawberry & vanilla and Amanda got chocolate & vanilla. I guess we took the phrase “guilt-free vanilla” seriously, because we both got 8-ounce servings! Mmmm. IMAG0315

I was really proud of Amanda’s bowl – you couldn’t even see her yogurt under all the chocolately goodness! We both topped our froyo with these amazing homemade peanut butter chocolate bars…sooo good.IMAG0316Square Onion Too on Urbanspoon

That evening,  we decided to continue our date with a wine tasting, a movie, and dinner. The wine tasting was at Winestyles in Town Center. For $5, we got to sample 5 different wines, shown here. DSC_0298 (1280x914)

The “samples” were pretty generous. We both felt a bit tipsy walking into the movie. And that movie…we ended up seeing Midnight in Paris, a romantic comedy about an American couple in Paris. Amanda and I are both fans of Rachel McAdams and had read that the movie got a good rating, but it was just odd. I still don’t know if I understand what was going on. Has anyone else seen this? What did you think?

Our late dinner was at Mustard Seed, surprise surprise. Jonathan surprised us with an appetizer of cornmeal crusted green tomatoes with shrimp and a fresh pepper salsa. Ahhhh it was so good. So summery!DSC_0300 (1280x853)

We decided to share two entrees. We started with the roasted chicken, blue cheese, & caramelized pear salad with raspberry port wine dressing. Drool. This is definitely their best salad.DSC_0301 (1280x914)

Then we had the Pad Thai with shrimp and chicken. This has always been one of my favorite entrees.DSC_0302 (1280x915)

Now I am at home reading this book I found in the Blackbaud “library.” Have y’all heard of this?image

Just kidding.

But I really am reading it and will read the next three. All my friends read them while I was reading cookbooks I guess.

Happy Sunday!!