Jul 12, 2012

What I Love From A to Z

This post been floating all around the blog world.  Here’s my list, just in case you guys forgot the letters of the alphabet.

AAsics. I have tried to run in many different brands of sneakers. Asics always win. Bonus points if they’re in my two favorite colors, lime green and purple.

BBeets. Although it’s not my favorite flavor-wise, I have a mild obsession with this rooted  vegetable. Beets Beets Beets

Could it be the color? How it dyes everything pink? That is pairs so well with honey and goat cheese? That it makes for the creamiest Beet Risotto with Goat Cheese?

C – Cookies. A soft, chewy, chocolate chip cookie is my favorite. No question about it – nothing compares.

D – Dining out. Who doesn’t love being served a delicious meal without having to do any work? I know I do. Some of my favorite restaurants in Charleston are: The Macintosh, Hall’s, and Cypress. Welcome to The Macintosh Charleston

E – Essie makes a great nail polish. They come out with the best colors! Their newest line, Mirror Metallics looks beautiful:

F – Farmer’s markets. Fresh, local veggies taste better. They just do.

G – Grammy. I absolutely adore this woman! 

H – Hungry Meets Healthy. The blog title perfectly exemplifies my life. And I adore each and every one of you for reading!Christina1

I – IceDreams from Chick-fil-A. They’re perfectly portioned and pair well with pickles. Ew? No.

J – Joy! If you open your eyes, there’s plenty of joy all around you. Just look for it.

K – Kitchens. My favorite room in the house.

L – The library. I could spend hours in a library admiring all of the books. I live very close to one and I try to go once a week. I never stop reading.

M – Music. Can’t function without it. I shower, drive, work, exercise, cook, and blog with music. Totally necessary.

N – Nancy and Nikki. These two ladies have been my best friends since, well, forever. I love them both dearly!

O – Orzo. Spelled so closely to my last name, I get a kick out of every time I see this short-cut grain of pasta.

P – Pickles. Enough said. 

Q – Quick! I do everything quickly. Walk, talk, type, eat, read,run, write. I like doing something and moving onto the next thing!

R – Running. Be it sprinting, interval training, or distance running, I love this form of exercise. Receiving medals doesn’t hurt either. Right, Mary-Legare?


TTarget. What would I do without this wonderful place? It’s an adult’s playground and a surefire way to spend money on things you “need.”

UUnique. There’s nothing worse than being ordinary.

V – Vegetables.

W – Wine. Red wine, white wine, pink wine. Any wine. Wine wine wine

XXtina, the nickname. Or just X to some of my friends. It’s the only nickname that has stuck with me.

YYOU! I’m so grateful for all you lovely readers. Thanks for the comments, emails, and tweets. You’re the best.

ZZodiac. Confession: I like reading my horoscope and I am a true Cancer.

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