Jul 11, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. The day after my birthday, I had brunch at Crave Kitchen & Cocktails. I’ve been going there pretty regularly and am always so pleased with both the food and service. To eat, I had the veggie wrap: fresh garden vegetables with a hummus spread, feta cheese and lemon vinaigrette wrapped in a low carb lavosh wrap. I added smoked salmon to it and had sweet potato chips on the side. I love this wrap and daydream about it. IMAG2861

Chef Landen sent out an incredibly delicious slice of gluten-free salted caramel cake that Carmela makes. The frosting was definitely the best I’ve had in a long time.IMAG2866

2. I recently purchased 2 new bracelets from Handpicked: a sideways cross and a chevron bangle. I love them both so much!34

3. Thanks to Justin and his 4 billion channels, I’ve discovered an interesting show on National Geographic: Taboo. National Geographic - Taboo - The Complete Second Season (Boxset) Movie PosterThe show “explores behaviors and lifestyles that are acceptable in some cultures but forbidden, illegal or reviled in others.”

4. This heat wave is pretty sticky, but it provides for some glorious days on the boat. Yesterday, we went wakeboarding! I’ll post videos soon.photo (2)wake

5. Pickles in a bag.IMAG2917

6. This boy loves Chick-fil-A as much as I do!image

And his little dog too.image

: )